Cameron Green Dropped by RCB: Stuart Broad’s Advice Spark Controversy

Trending: Cameron Green dropped by Royal Challengers Bengaluru against Mumbai Indians. Stuart Broad urges RCB to reconsider, sparking debate on team balance.

Cameron Green, the Australian all-rounder who played for Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023, faced a surprising twist in his career. In the clash between Royal Challengers Bengaluru and his former team, Green was dropped by RCB, leaving many cricket enthusiasts wondering about the reasoning behind this decision. Stuart Broad, a prominent figure in the England cricket team, has advised RCB to make a bold move by dropping Green, who joined them this season in a massive trade deal from MI. The match took place at Wankhede Stadium, a renowned cricket venue in Mumbai.

Cameron Green’s Record at the Wankhede

While the decision to drop Green raised eyebrows among fans and experts, it is essential to analyze his performance at the Wankhede Stadium. Green’s records and statistics at this venue can provide insights into whether RCB made the right call or if they erred in their decision. The decision to drop Green is particularly intriguing since he represents a valuable addition to any team as an all-rounder.

According to ESPN Cricinfo, Cameron Green has played three IPL matches at the Wankhede Stadium, scoring 88 runs at an average of 44.00 and a strike rate of 143.44. He has also taken three wickets at an economy rate of 7.00.

Considering these statistics, it becomes evident that Green has had a reasonably successful run at the Wankhede Stadium. However, RCB’s decision to drop him may highlight other aspects of team balance and strategy that influenced their choice. Stuart Broad, renowned for his cricketing expertise, has openly suggested that RCB should make a brave decision and reconsider dropping Green, emphasizing the importance of a balanced team composition in a game as dynamic as cricket.

Stuart Broad’s Advice to RCB

Stuart Broad has advocated for RCB to analyze their team’s balance before making crucial decisions, such as dropping Green. He believes that a team’s composition plays a significant role in its overall performance and success. By advocating for a brave decision of dropping Green, Broad raises questions about RCB’s strategy and suggests that this move could potentially enhance the team’s balance.

“Don’t think that team is balanced,” stated Broad. “They lost to Mumbai, and there was a 110-run opening partnership. I don’t know if they’ve got those specific that explosives at the top and the bottom. I just feel sometimes you’ve got to make that brave decision, and if RCB think they’re out of balance, they’ll have that conversation.”

Broad’s statement highlights the need for teams to reassess their composition and strategy after a loss. The significance of a “brave decision” in creating a more balanced team becomes apparent under such circumstances. It remains to be seen whether RCB will consider Broad’s advice and make changes to their starting lineup, potentially reinstating Green or exploring alternative options to improve their team composition.


  • Cameron Green, who previously played for Mumbai Indians in IPL 2023, was dropped by Royal Challengers Bengaluru for the clash against his former team.
  • Stuart Broad advises RCB to make a bold decision of dropping Cameron Green, emphasizing the importance of a balanced team composition.
  • Green’s record at the Wankhede Stadium showcases his success as an all-rounder, raising questions about RCB’s decision to drop him.
  • Broad’s statement underlines the necessity for teams to reassess their composition and strategy following a loss.

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