Browns Beef Up Kicking Game for Jets Showdown

Vibrant painting of a Browns quarterback kicking a ball in the air with a Jets' defender trying to block it, against an orange sunset sky back round.

The Cleveland Browns are beefing up their kicking game ahead of their crucial Thursday night showdown against the New York Jets. With placekicker Dustin Hopkins out with an injury, the Browns have re-signed Riley Patterson and promoted Corey Bojorquez from the practice squad, according to NBC Sports. The Jets are still atop the AFC East despite their Week 7 loss and will be looking to add another win. This move by the Browns will give them much needed help in the kicking game to go head-to-head with the Jets.

What specific changes and additions has the Browns organization made to the kicking game in order to better their chances against the Jets?

The Browns are confident that the improvements in the kicking game will help the team even the odds against the Jets. The addition of Riley Patterson, as well as the promotion of Corey Bojorquez, brings specialized experience and mentorship to the kickers, particularly younger players looking to refine their technique for game-day scenarios. Bojorquez was originally signed by the Browns as an undrafted free agent back in April, and stayed with the team through their initial training camp and preseason. Patterson has an extensive college kicking experience from his days as a Memphis Tiger, and his presence will add to the momentum the team has been building over the past few weeks.

The Browns’ new kicking coach, Mike Westhoff, has been instrumental in the organization’s partnerships and improvements to the special teams unit. Westhoff, who previously worked with the New York Jets, is credited with mentoring younger kickers and helping the Browns stay focused on the kicking game’s importance. Overall, the Browns’ special teams unit is feeling confident that the newly implemented changes to the kicking game will give them the edge in the Jets’ showdown. With two elite kickers in their roster, the Browns are sure to be a strong contender in this rivalry.

What kind of feedback have the Browns players given about the improvements made to the kicking game?

The Browns players have responded positively to the changes and additions made to the kicking game. They are encouraged by the signing of Riley Patterson and Corey Bojorquez and believe that the experience and leadership they both bring will put the team in a better position against the Jets. The players have welcomed the guidance of new kicking coach Mike Westhoff and are trusting in his expertise to produce better, more consistent results in their kicking game. According to the Browns, the focus on the kicking game gives them a stronger, more competitive edge in the showdown with the Jets.

How do the Browns coaches think the revamping of the kicking game will help the team against the Jets?

The Cleveland Browns are confident that the revamping of their kicking game will give them the edge over the New York Jets in their critical Thursday night matchup. The team has signed Riley Patterson and promoted Corey Bojorquez from the practice squad to fill in for the injured Dustin Hopkins. The Browns coaches feel that the improved kicking game will give their team an upper hand against the Jets who are still atop the AFC East despite a Week 7 loss. The Browns hope to eliminate special teams mistakes and give them a much needed boost in their clash with the Jets.

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