Brock Purdy – The QB the Eagles Needed? Stephen A. Breaks Down 49ers Expose of Eagles

The San Francisco 49ers exposed the Philadelphia Eagles

Action Packed News reported on a recent episode of ESPN’s First Take. Host Stephen A. Smith discussed the San Francisco 49ers big win over the Philadelphia Eagles and noted that rookie quarterback Brock Purdy was better than quarterback Dak Prescott and Jalen Hurts of the Eagles.

The San Francisco 49ers won the game by a score of 25-20, a result that caught many analysts and fans alike off guard. The Eagles seemed to have the edge of the experience of their veteran quarterbacks surrounded by a legendary offensive line. However, the 49ers changed the tide of the game with their aggression and trust in the capabilities of their young quarterback, Brock Purdy.

Purdy finished the game completing 17 out of 21 passes for 165 yards; an incredible performance for a rookie quarterback going up against an experienced team. Stephen A. loved Purdy’s mastery of the game and professionalism despite facing immense pressure from the Philadelphia defense. Brock Purdy’s talent and composure has made him a key player for the 49ers, and he will be watched closely by the fans as the season progresses.

Action Packed News reported in detail on Stephen A.’s views of the exciting matchup and the impressive rookie quarterback performance from The San Francisco 49ers. For the latest news and updates on all of the sports excitement go to

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