“Breaking the Barrier: 76ers & Knicks Face Off for a Chance at Celtics in ECF”

The 76ers and Knicks’ Playoff Journey: A Rivalry Resumes

The NBA playoffs are heating up and teams are battling it out for a chance to advance to the conference finals. Among these teams are the Philadelphia 76ers and the New York Knicks, who both made it past the first round and are now set to play each other in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. This matchup has reignited an old rivalry between the two teams, with fans eagerly awaiting the action-packed series.

The last time these two teams faced each other in the playoffs was back in 2000, when the Knicks eliminated the 76ers in five games. Now, 21 years later, they’re back at it again. The 76ers come into the series as the top seed in the East, led by their star players Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Meanwhile, the Knicks, who finished as the fourth seed, have been led by their standout player Julius Randle and a strong supporting cast.

The Impact of Alan Hahn’s Presence on Get Up

The stage is set for an exciting and highly anticipated series. And to add to the excitement, ESPN’s Alan Hahn joined Dan Graziano on Get Up to discuss the biggest storylines surrounding the NBA playoffs. Hahn, a seasoned sports journalist and TV host, brings in-depth analysis and insider perspectives to the table, making him a valuable addition to the Get Up team.

Hahn and Graziano discuss the impressive performances of teams like the Denver Nuggets and the Phoenix Suns, who have surprised many with their playoff runs. They also touch on the rivalry resuming between the 76ers and Knicks and the impact it could have on the series. With his vast knowledge and expertise, Hahn provides valuable insights and predictions for the upcoming games, keeping viewers glued to their screens.

The playoffs always bring in a heightened level of intensity and competition, and this series between the 76ers and Knicks is no exception. With Alan Hahn’s presence on Get Up, fans can expect even more action-packed coverage and analysis. The excitement continues to build and we can’t wait to see which team will come out on top and move on to face the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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