“Breaking Down the Drama: Stephen A Fires Back at Dak Prescott’s Bold Statement”

The Eagles are taking over the news today, thanks to the latest episode of First Take.

If you’re an Eagles fan, you’re probably already feeling pretty good after defeating the Dallas Cowboys 37-10 in their latest match-up. But the talk of the game is not about the win, but rather a comment made by Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott during a post-game press conference.

In a video that has now gone viral, Prescott responded to a question about his performance by saying, “I don’t play that game. I play quarterback.” And while it may have seemed like a harmless remark, First Take host Stephen A. Smith did not take kindly to it.

Smith absolutely destroyed Prescott for his words, calling out his lack of humility and accusing him of being a “spoiled brat.”

In his trademark passionate style, Smith went on to say that Prescott needs to show more respect and humility towards his opponents and the game itself. He argued that being a successful quarterback does not just mean throwing the ball, but also being a team leader and respecting the game of football itself.

Smith’s strong words have sparked a lot of reaction and debate among fans of both teams. Some agree with Smith’s points, while others argue that Prescott’s comment was taken out of context and blown out of proportion. Either way, it’s clear that the Eagles vs. Cowboys rivalry is as intense off the field as it is on.

But amidst all the drama, one thing is certain – the Eagles have once again made headlines and captivated the attention of the nation. And with the help of shows like First Take, their fans can proudly boast that their team is making waves in the news today.

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