“Breaking Down LeBron’s Impact on the Lakers’ Next Head Coach: Stephen A. Weighs In | First Take”

The Truth Behind LeBron’s Role in the Lakers’ Next Head Coach Selection

The Los Angeles Lakers have been in the headlines for weeks now due to their search for a new head coach. With the departure of Luke Walton, the team is looking for a replacement to lead their star-studded roster. And one name that has been thrown around frequently is LeBron James. The four-time NBA MVP has been known to have a huge influence in the decisions made by his teams, and many are wondering if he will have a say in the Lakers’ next head coach. In a recent episode of First Take, anchor Stephen A. Smith dug deeper into the matter, addressing the reality of LeBron’s role in the Lakers’ head coach selection.

Smith, along with guest Kendrick Perkins, joined host Molly Qerim to discuss the ongoing speculation. And while many have been quick to accuse LeBron of having too much power and sway in the Lakers’ organization, Smith debunked this notion. He states, “I’m not going to buy into that theory. It’s not a matter of LeBron James being consulted with.” Rather than LeBron taking control of the decision, Smith explains that it’s about the Lakers wanting to make sure that their star player is happy with their choice.

With the Lakers in turmoil and missing the playoffs for the sixth straight year, it’s understandable why they want to ensure LeBron’s satisfaction. And as Smith mentions, “there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that your superstar is happy with the choice you make as the face of the Lakers organization.” With LeBron bringing in all-star level talent and being the go-to guy on the team, it only makes sense for the Lakers to want to keep him content with their choices.

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