Bottas Penalized for Bahrain Pit Lane Breach

Valtteri Bottas reprimanded during Bahrain Grand Prix for pit lane violation in FP2, marking Stake F1's first summons in 2024.

Valtteri Bottas, Formula 1 driver for Stake F1, has received a reprimand after a pit lane violation during the second free practice session (FP2) of the Bahrain Grand Prix. This incident marks the first summons of 2024 for Bottas and the team. The breach occurred when Bottas started FP2 from the pit lane before the session had officially begun. The FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) has reviewed the case and delivered its verdict on the Finnish driver’s pit-lane infringement.

Bottas Reprimanded for Jumping the Gun

During the Bahrain Grand Prix, Valtteri Bottas faced disciplinary action for violating the regulations of F1 by starting FP2 in the pit lane before the official commencement of the session. The FIA, which oversees Formula 1, summoned Bottas for this unusual breach of the rules. As a result, Bottas and Stake F1 received a reprimand, highlighting the seriousness of the violation.

This incident is significant as it marks the first summons of 2024 for Bottas, who is an established driver in the world of Formula 1. The infringement demonstrates the adherence to strict regulations within the sport and the FIA’s commitment to maintaining fair competition. The reprimand serves as a reminder to all teams and drivers that they must follow the established procedures, including properly timing their entry into the pit lane during designated sessions.


  • Valtteri Bottas of Stake F1 has received a reprimand for a pit lane violation during FP2 of the Bahrain Grand Prix.
  • Bottas started the session before it officially began, leading to a breach of F1 regulations.
  • The FIA summoned Bottas and reached a verdict on the pit-lane infringement.
  • This incident signifies the seriousness of rule violations in Formula 1 and emphasizes the FIA’s commitment to fair competition.

The FIA’s verdict on Valtteri Bottas’ pit-lane infringement showcases their commitment to adhering to regulations and maintaining fairness in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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