“Blake Lively’s Injury on Action-Packed Set of “The Rhythm Section” Proves to be Box Office Bombshell”

Blake Lively’s Injury on Set of “The Rhythm Section” Causes Trouble for Box Office Bomb

Blake Lively is no stranger to action-packed roles, having previously starred in films like “The Shallows” and “A Simple Favor.” But her latest film, “The Rhythm Section,” proved to be more challenging than she anticipated. The movie, which had high expectations due to its connections to the Bond franchise and Lively’s star power, fell flat at the box office with just a disappointing $2.8 million in its wide opening. However, the real trouble began during the filming process when Lively sustained a serious hand injury on set.

In an interview with Action Packed News, Lively opened up about her injury and how it affected the production of the film. She revealed that she had to undergo intensive physical therapy sessions and even had to wear a hand brace while filming. Despite the challenges, she remained positive and even shared humorous anecdotes about her therapy sessions and the difficulties of performing intense action scenes. She also praised the team behind the film for their support and understanding during her recovery.

The delay in production due to Lively’s injury contributed to the film’s ultimate flop at the box office. The film’s marketing campaign was also met with criticism, with many criticizing the studio for not promoting the film enough. However, Lively took to her social media platforms, including her official website, to promote the film and encourage her fans to see it in theaters.

Despite the setback, Lively remains optimistic and grateful for the experience of filming “The Rhythm Section.” She also thanked her fans for their support and stated that she hopes to continue taking on challenging roles in the future. Action Packed News reports that Lively has fully recovered from her injury and is back to work on her upcoming projects.

It’s safe to say that “The Rhythm Section” may have been a bump in the road for Blake Lively, but it certainly won’t slow her down. With her grace, humor, and determination, she has proven that she is indeed an intrepid and formidable action star.

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