Billy Joel’s ‘Uptown Girl’ Reunion: Christie Brinkley & Daughter Sing

Billy Joel serenades ex-wife Christie Brinkley with 'Uptown Girl' at Madison Square Garden. Daughter Alexa Ray Joel joins him, creating a heartwarming family moment.

Christie Brinkley, the supermodel and ex-wife of Billy Joel, was seen beaming with joy as she watched her former husband perform his hit song ‘Uptown Girl’ at his recent concert. The concert took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Friday, April 26. Brinkley, who was in the crowd, couldn’t help but dance along to the catchy tune during Joel’s residency show. A fan captured a video of her enjoying the performance, which quickly became viral.

Family Affair at Madison Square Garden

Billy Joel’s concert at Madison Square Garden turned out to be a special family affair. Not only did he serenade his ex-wife Christie Brinkley with ‘Uptown Girl’, but his daughter Alexa Ray Joel also joined him on stage for a performance. The song ‘Uptown Girl’ holds significance for Brinkley as she starred in its 1983 music video and was one of its inspirations. It was a heartwarming moment for both Joel and Brinkley, and fans were thrilled to witness this bittersweet reunion.

Supportive Appearance by Christie Brinkley and Daughter

Christie Brinkley, at the age of 70, looked absolutely thrilled as she watched Billy Joel sing his iconic hit dedicated to her. She attended the concert with her daughter, Sailor, who also showed support for their family friend and performer. The mother-daughter duo cheered Joel on as he delivered an emotional rendition of ‘Uptown Girl’, reminding everyone of the special connection between the former couple. It was undoubtedly a memorable night for Brinkley, Joel, and their fans.

  • Christie Brinkley dances to ex-husband Billy Joel’s ‘Uptown Girl’ at his concert
  • Madison Square Garden residency becomes a family affair with daughter Alexa Joel’s performance
  • ‘Uptown Girl’ holds sentimental value for both Brinkley and Joel
  • Brinkley’s presence at the concert showcases her continued support for Joel
  • Fans captured Brinkley’s joyful dancing moment, sharing it widely on social media

“Christie Brinkley looked like ‘sunshine in human form’ as she watched her ex, Billy Joel, perform, fans declared.”

Billy Joel’s concert at Madison Square Garden brought together ex-spouses Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel in a heartwarming reunion. Brinkley’s dance to the song that had once been a part of their shared history was a testament to the bond they still share. Their daughter Alexa Ray Joel’s performance added to the emotions of the evening. Fans were delighted to witness this family affair and were reminded of the enduring power of music and love.

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