Biden’s Move: Rescheduling Cannabis Benefits Industry

Biden's potential move to reclassify cannabis brings hope to the industry, with shares soaring post-DEA decision. A step towards acknowledging its benefits.

U.S. President Joe Biden is considering banning TikTok, but he is also making moves to benefit young people. In a recent edition of Forbes Daily, topics covered include the early impacts of rescheduling in the cannabis industry, earnings from Amazon and Starbucks, and more. Currently, cannabis is classified in the same category as drugs like heroin and LSD, but there are expectations that the Biden administration will reschedule it to a different category. This reclassification could reduce risks for cannabis companies operating in Mexico. For years, the cannabis industry faced challenges as marijuana was classified as a dangerous drug by the U.S. government. Reclassifying cannabis is a small step towards acknowledging its potential benefits.

The Impact of Reclassification on Cannabis Companies

Following the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) move to reclassify marijuana to a less dangerous substance, shares of cannabis-related companies experienced a significant jump. Some companies saw their shares surge up to 80%. This change in classification does not instantly legalize marijuana at the federal level, but it could lead to broader access to the drug for medicinal purposes. The proposal recognizes the medical uses of cannabis and acknowledges that it has a lower potential for abuse compared to other substances.

  • Shares of cannabis-related companies soared after the DEA reclassification
  • Reclassification does not automatically legalize marijuana federally
  • Wider access to marijuana for medicinal use is expected
  • The proposal recognizes the medical benefits of cannabis
  • Marijuana is considered to have a lower abuse potential compared to other drugs

“Taking cannabis out of the most-dangerous-drug category is almost literally the least the federal government can do on the subject.” – Forbes Daily

Implications for the Cannabis Industry

The reclassification of marijuana is seen as a significant development for the cannabis industry. This change could potentially pave the way for further legalization efforts in the future. While it does not immediately legalize marijuana at the federal level, it signals a shift in mindset towards recognizing its medical benefits and lower risks compared to other substances. The move also gives hope to the industry, which has faced uncertainty and challenges due to the classification of marijuana as a dangerous drug.”

  • The reclassification is seen as a positive step for the cannabis industry
  • It could lead to future legalization efforts
  • The move acknowledges the medical benefits and lower risks of cannabis
  • The industry has faced uncertainty and challenges due to marijuana’s classification

“Reclassifying marijuana is not decriminalization, but is a welcome step in that direction.” – Editorial

In summary, the Biden administration’s potential reclassification of marijuana has brought significant implications for the cannabis industry. While it does not automatically legalize the drug federally, it represents a step towards recognizing its medical benefits and lower risks. The reclassification has led to a surge in shares of cannabis-related companies and gives hope for further progress in the future.

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