Biden Unveils Tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles & More

Biden to raise tariffs on Chinese-made EVs amid national security concerns, impacting China's economic recovery and clean energy industry.

The Biden administration is preparing to raise tariffs on clean-energy goods from China in the coming days, with the levy on electric vehicles (EVs) being a key focus. This decision is expected to be unveiled as early as next week and is significant as it marks a potential continuation of the tough stance taken by the previous administration under Donald Trump. President Joe Biden is likely to expand the range of levies set up by Trump to include sectors such as electric vehicles, batteries, and solar cells. The move underscores the administration’s aim to protect domestic manufacturing and promote clean energy production.

Tariffs on Chinese EVs and Strategic Sectors

As part of the broader decision on China tariffs, President Joe Biden is set to announce new tariffs targeting strategic sectors, including electric vehicles. The Biden administration aims to impose tariffs on Chinese-made medical devices such as syringes and personal protective equipment. This move is seen as an attempt to protect domestic manufacturing and ensure a secure supply chain for critical healthcare products. Furthermore, the Commerce Department is reviewing public comments on a probe launched in February into whether Chinese vehicles pose a national security risk.

Impact on China’s Economic Recovery and National Security

  • President Biden’s decision to expand tariffs on Chinese trade, particularly in sectors at the heart of China’s economic recovery, could significantly impact China’s export-driven manufacturing sector.
  • Experts warn that connected vehicles from China could pose a national security risk, leading to potential bans or restrictions on these products in the United States.
  • Industry groups are expressing concerns about Chinese connected vehicles, emphasizing the need for thorough scrutiny and potential regulations due to the potential risks they bring.

“The Biden administration’s decision to raise tariffs on clean-energy goods from China, particularly targeting electric vehicles, showcases their commitment to protecting domestic manufacturing and promoting clean energy production. This move is expected to have a significant impact on China’s export-driven manufacturing sector and underscores their focus on ensuring national security in critical sectors. However, it remains to be seen how these tariffs will affect global trade relations and the overall growth of the clean energy industry.” – Industry Analyst

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