Azhar Mahmood Elevates Pakistan Cricket for T20 World Cup

Pakistan's powerhouse, Azhar Mahmood, gears up as head coach for ICC Men's T20 World Cup, issuing a fierce warning to rivals. #Cricket #AzharMahmood #T20WC

Azhar Mahmood, the former Pakistan national cricket team player, has been appointed as the head coach of the team. This decision comes as Pakistan prepares for upcoming ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Mahmood, who was previously a player for Surrey, brings his experience and expertise to lead the team to success in the tournament. He believes that Pakistan should never be written off in big ICC events, showcasing his determination to make a mark in the upcoming World Cup.

Azhar Mahmood’s Warning for Opponents

Azhar Mahmood issues a strong warning to opponents ahead of the 2024 T20 World Cup. As the head coach of the Pakistan national cricket team, Mahmood is confident in his team’s abilities and believes that they should not be underestimated. With his experience as a player and his new role as the coach, Mahmood aims to inspire and motivate his players to give their best performance in the tournament.

What To Expect From Azhar Mahmood

As Pakistan’s interim head coach for the T20 World Cup, Azhar Mahmood is expected to bring his excellent leadership skills and ability to inspire players. Known for his positive approach, Mahmood has proven to be effective in boosting the morale of his team. With his vast experience in cricket, both as a player and now as a coach, Mahmood is determined to guide the Pakistan team towards success in the upcoming tournament.


  • Azhar Mahmood appointed as the head coach of the Pakistan national cricket team
  • Mahmood emphasizes that Pakistan should not be underestimated in big ICC events
  • Mahmood issues a warning to opponents ahead of the 2024 T20 World Cup
  • Expectations from Mahmood as the interim head coach include inspiring players and bringing his leadership skills

“Never write off Pakistan.”

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