Apple’s Electric Car: Delayed and Simplified Approach

Apple Inc. scales back its electric car project, opting for a simpler design with basic self-driving features. Launch date likely postponed. #AppleCar #SelfDriving

Apple Inc. has reached a significant turning point in its decade-long effort to develop a car. The company has shifted its focus to a less ambitious design and plans to launch a vehicle with basic self-driving features, similar to Tesla’s capabilities. This shift comes as Apple’s Project Titan, the Apple electric car project, has faced numerous delays and challenges since its inception in 2015. According to Bloomberg News, Apple has decided to dial back the features of its upcoming electric vehicle and postpone its release. This development reflects the reality of the autonomous driving industry, which is still striving to achieve full self-driving capabilities.

Delayed and Simplified Approach for Apple’s Electric Vehicle

Apple has recently made the decision to alter its strategy for the Apple Car. The company is now aiming to bring a simpler and less ambitious design to market, in order to overcome the hurdles that have delayed the project for years. The move to develop a vehicle with basic self-driving features aligns with the capabilities provided by Tesla’s electric cars.

Apple’s Project Titan, the codename for the Apple electric car project, has been in progress since 2015. However, the project has experienced a series of setbacks and repeated delays. In light of these challenges, Apple has chosen to pivot its approach and prioritize the release of a more feasible electric vehicle.

The Bloomberg report indicates that Apple has scaled back the features of its upcoming electric vehicle and pushed back its launch date. The decision reflects the current state of the autonomous driving industry, which is still working towards achieving fully self-driving cars. Despite Elon Musk’s optimistic predictions, the development of autonomous vehicles has proven to be a complex and time-consuming endeavor in the real world.

“Apple has pivoted to simpler, less ambitious design for the Apple Car in order to actually bring the vehicle to market, reports Bloomberg.”

While the initial plan was to release the Apple Car as early as 2028, the latest reports suggest further delays in the launch timeline. The tech giant’s entry into the electric vehicle market has been a topic of speculation for nearly a decade, and these recent developments indicate that Apple is taking a methodical approach to ensure a successful entrance.


  1. Apple Inc. has shifted its focus to developing an electric vehicle with basic self-driving features, similar to Tesla’s offerings.
  2. The Apple electric car project, known as Project Titan, has faced significant delays since it began in 2015.
  3. The features of Apple’s upcoming electric vehicle have been scaled back, reflecting the challenges of achieving full autonomous driving capabilities.
  4. The launch of the Apple Car, initially planned for 2028, is likely to be delayed further.
  5. This shift in strategy indicates that Apple is prioritizing the successful introduction of its electric vehicle to the market.

“Apple plans to launch its own electric car as early as 2028, but the release has been delayed due to scaled-back features and the complex nature of autonomous driving technology, according to Bloomberg.”

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