Apollo Quiboloy’s Legal Troubles: Revoked Licenses & Trial Venue

Chinese warships shadow Philippines, France, US fleets. Quiboloy faces trial venue change. PNP revokes his firearms licenses. DOJ requests transfer; arrest under PNP, NBI. No FBI extradition plea.

Two Chinese warships were seen tailing the naval fleet of the Philippines, France, and the United States on Monday, April 29 as their presence raised concerns about potential maritime tensions in the area. The Chinese warships were spotted near the coast of the Philippines, and their actions were closely monitored by the involved countries. The incident highlights the ongoing territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the need for diplomatic efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region.

Quiboloy’s Camp Reacts to DOJ Request for Change of Trial Venue

The camp of fugitive preacher Apollo Quiboloy is seeking an opportunity to comment on the request by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to change the trial venue for his cases. The DOJ has requested the Supreme Court to transfer the cases of Quiboloy, who is facing charges of sexual and child abuse, from Davao City to Metro Manila. Quiboloy’s camp emphasizes the need for fair and impartial proceedings and expresses their willingness to cooperate with the legal process.

PNP Revokes Apollo Quiboloy’s Firearms Licenses

The Philippine National Police-Firearms and Explosives Office has recommended the revocation of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s firearms licenses. This decision comes amidst the ongoing legal troubles of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder, who is facing charges of sexual and child abuse. The revocation of his firearms licenses is seen as a precautionary measure to ensure public safety while the legal proceedings against Quiboloy are underway.

DOJ Seeks Transfer of Quiboloy’s Davao Cases to Another Court

The Department of Justice has formally requested the Supreme Court to transfer the sexual and child abuse cases against Pastor Apollo Quiboloy from Davao City to Metro Manila. The DOJ aims to ensure impartiality and fairness in the trials, given Quiboloy’s influential position in Davao City. The transfer of the cases to another court location will help address any potential biases and concerns regarding the legal proceedings.

Quiboloy’s Arrest in the Hands of PNP and NBI

The arrest of Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy now falls under the jurisdiction of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). Quiboloy’s alleged involvement in sexual and child abuse cases has prompted law enforcement agencies to take action. The PNP and NBI will carry out the necessary investigations and legal procedures to ensure justice is served.

No FBI Extradition Request Yet for Quiboloy

There is no official communication yet from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding the extradition of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. Despite allegations of Quiboloy’s involvement in criminal activities, including rape, the Philippine Embassy in the US has yet to receive any extradition requests from the FBI. The absence of such requests leaves the possibility of Quiboloy facing trial in his home country.

  • Chinese warships tail Philippine, French, and US naval fleet
  • Quiboloy’s camp wants to comment on DOJ request for change of trial venue
  • PNP revokes Apollo Quiboloy’s firearms licenses
  • DOJ eyes transfer of Quiboloy’s Davao cases to another court
  • Quiboloy’s arrest in the hands of PNP and NBI
  • No FBI extradition request yet for Quiboloy
  • No official request yet for Quiboloy’s extradition to US —Amb. Romualdez
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