Adrian Belew & Steve Vai Lead King Crimson Concert Tour

Legendary musicians Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Steve Vai, and Danny Carey to honor King Crimson on North American concert tour in 2024.

Adrian Belew, Danny Carey, Tony Levin, and Steve Vai are set to embark on a North American concert tour in 2024, paying tribute to the iconic progressive rock band King Crimson. The tour aims to celebrate and recreate the music of King Crimson, particularly focusing on the band’s repertoire from the 1980s. The lineup includes the renowned musicians Adrian Belew and Tony Levin, both former members of King Crimson, as well as guitar virtuoso Steve Vai and explosive Tool drummer Danny Carey.

Musicians Unite for King Crimson Tribute Tour

Adrian Belew, along with his ex-bandmate Tony Levin, will be joined by Steve Vai and Danny Carey for a special concert tour dedicated to the music of King Crimson. The tour, set to take place in 2024, will showcase the repertoire from the band’s iconic 1980s era. As some of the biggest names in progressive rock, Belew, Levin, Vai, and Carey aim to pay homage to King Crimson’s influential sound and legacy.

Highlights of the King Crimson Tribute Tour:

  1. The tour is set to take place in North America in 2024.
  2. Adrian Belew and Tony Levin, former members of King Crimson, will be leading the tribute tour.
  3. The lineup also includes esteemed guitarist Steve Vai and Tool drummer Danny Carey.
  4. The tour aims to recreate and celebrate the music from King Crimson’s 1980s era.
  5. Known as “Beat,” the quartet led by Adrian Belew and featuring Tony Levin draws inspiration from their association with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel.

“We are excited to bring the music of King Crimson to audiences once again and pay tribute to the band’s incredible contributions to progressive rock,” says Adrian Belew.

The announcement of the King Crimson tribute tour has sparked excitement among fans of progressive rock and King Crimson’s unique sound. With the participation of renowned musicians like Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Steve Vai, and Danny Carey, the tour promises to deliver a memorable musical experience for fans old and new alike. This collaboration not only showcases the enduring influence of King Crimson, but also highlights the immense talent and virtuosity of these musicians. As fans eagerly anticipate the tour, they can expect to immerse themselves in the captivating music and legacy of King Crimson’s 1980s era.

“We want to give fans an authentic and powerful King Crimson experience, capturing the essence of the band’s music and delivering it with a fresh energy,” says Tony Levin.

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