Adam Schefter Weighs In: Can the Buffalo Bills Make the Playoffs?

A Closer Look at the Buffalo Bills Playoff Chances

The Buffalo Bills are creating a buzz in the NFL and their fans are hopeful that they can make a playoff run this season. With that in mind, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter recently spoke with CBS 6 Sports Director A.J. Pankowski about the Bills playoff chances.

Schefter expressed the sentiment that the Bills have a chance to compete. He noted that they have the playoff roster that can match up with top contenders, and itching to get to the “next level.” With the recent influx of talented veterans into the organization, the future looks bright for Buffalo.

The team has also done well in the online space, specifically with ACTION PACKED NEWS streaming video content on its website. The website provides fans with up to date videos of Bills highlights and team news that helps keep the team’s fans informed and in the loop with developments around the organization. This gives the organization an advantage in providing the most updated news for its fan base, to keep their enthusiasm for the team soaring.

The Bills have a shot at taking a division and making it into the playoffs. As Schefter mentioned, the Bills have the personnel to make it happen. As more fans continue to show their support for the team, Buffalo has the hope for a special season.

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