7 Films Showcasing the Nativity Story: Something for Everyone at Christmas!

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With Christmas around the corner, many families gather to retell the Nativity Story of Jesus. As the tale has been shared for centuries, designs for modern retellings have been created to appeal to viewers young and old. According to Christian media review site Plugged In, there are seven films that highlight the Nativity Story, ranging from action-filled adventures to soothingly narrated specials. So if you’re looking for a movie option this holiday season, there’s something for everyone.

Which films are included in the seven that highlight the Nativity Story?

The first of the seven films is ‘The Christ Child.’ It stars Vincent Price as God, telling the story of the Nativity in a straightforward manner. The second is ‘Christmas Eve.’ This is a cartoon classic originally released in 1947. It follows a young donkey as he searches for the Christ Child, experiencing many miracles along the way. ‘The Miracle Maker’ is a unique take on the story of Jesus’ birth. It utilizes stop-motion animation and narrates the story of Jesus in a voice-over style.

Other choices include ‘The Nativity’, which is a successful combination of scripture readings, animation and acting. It follows a shepherd boy on a quest to find the Christ Child. ‘The Star’ is an animated film about a small but brave donkey that leads a courageous group of animals in search of the king of the universe.

For those with younger children, the two special films ‘VeggieTales: The Toy that Saved Christmas’ and ‘VeggieTales: Saint Nicholas – A Story of Joyful Giving’ are good options. Both use catchy tunes to tell family-friendly stories of the Nativity.

So if you’re looking for something to watch this Christmas season, these seven films provide a fun and unique way to relive the story of Jesus’ birth. From traditional retellings to animated adventures, the Nativity Story is sure to delight viewers young and old.

How do these films differ in terms of their storytelling approach?

The seven films showcase the Nativity Story through a variety of different storytelling approaches. ‘The Christ Child’ offers a straightforward and traditional take on the story with Vincent Price as God. On the other hand, ‘The Miracle Maker’ uses stop-motion animation with a narrator to unravel the events of Jesus’ birth. ‘Christmas Eve’ is an animated classic while ‘The Star’ is a modern retelling that follows a brave donkey. ‘The Nativity’ is a mix of scripture readings, animation, and acting that tells the tale of a shepherd boy’s journey. Finally, the two ‘VeggieTales’ films use catchy tunes to provide family-friendly versions of the Nativity Story. Each film uses a distinct style of storytelling, making them all unique and enjoyable for viewers of all ages.

What are some examples of the modern retellings of the Nativity Story that have been created?

Examples of these modern retellings of the Nativity Story include The Star, a computer-animated comedy-adventure featuring A-list celebrity voices; Stars in the Sky: A Nativity Story, a heart-warming musical; and The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, a television special featuring Richard Thomas. Mary, Mother of Jesus is another television special, offering a dramatic rendition of the timeless story. On the other hand, The Crisis of the Nativity focuses on the political aspects of Jesus’s birth with a modern twist, while The Nativity Story is a faith-based blockbuster that follows Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. Finally, The Miracle Maker is an animated classic that narrates the traditional story beautifully. Each of these films is unique in its own right, ranging from computer-animated to live action sequences, allowing viewers to experience the timeless story in an immersive way.

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