2024 SAG Awards on Netflix: Jodie Foster’s Surprising Win

Don't miss the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards on Netflix! Jodie Foster's surprise SAG win for 'Nell' reveals the awards' humble beginnings.

The 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards, one of the most coveted and celebrated awards in the awards show season, are set to take place and will be streaming live on Netflix for the first time. This signifies a significant shift in how the awards are being accessed and viewed. As part of a multi-year partnership, Netflix will now provide a platform for audiences to watch the prestigious event. This year’s awards will offer a preview of some key Oscars races, further intensifying the anticipation surrounding the event.

How to Watch the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2024: Date, Time and Streaming

For those interested in tuning in to the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards, the event will now be available to stream on Netflix. This marks a departure from traditional television broadcast and opens up new possibilities for a wider audience to watch the ceremony. The exact date and time of the awards ceremony will be announced closer to the event, ensuring that viewers don’t miss out on witnessing the prestigious accolades being presented to the deserving winners.

Why Jodie Foster Didn’t Know She Was Nominated for a SAG Award for ‘Nell’ Until After She Won

In a recent interview reflecting on the 30-year history of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Jodie Foster revealed that she had never even heard of the awards when she was nominated and won for her role in the 1994 film “Nell”. Foster expressed her surprise, stating that it was a shock as if someone had made a mistake. The fact that the awards were relatively unknown at the time highlights their humble beginnings and how they have since grown to become a significant event in the industry.

“It was kind of a shock, as if someone had made a mistake,” Foster reminisced about winning the SAG Award for ‘Nell’.

The first SAG Awards were so under the radar that Foster only found out about her nomination the day after she had won. This lack of awareness of the awards mirrors their relative obscurity at the time. Since then, the Screen Actors Guild Awards have gained tremendous recognition and importance, being revered and celebrated alongside other major awards shows in the industry.


  • The 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards will stream live on Netflix for the first time, showing a shift away from traditional television broadcasts.
  • Jodie Foster shares her surprise at winning a SAG Award for her role in ‘Nell’, when she had never even heard of the awards before.
  • The first SAG Awards went largely unnoticed, with Foster discovering her nomination after already winning the award.
  • The growth and significance of the SAG Awards have elevated them to a highly coveted accolade in the industry.
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