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Past Results

Shocktober Results
October 30, 2010
Vermont National Guard Armory in Rutland, VT

Mike Donovan defeated Sonny Goodspeed
Colby Godwin defeated "Big" Ben Cromwell

Main Show
Joey Eastman came out and announced that Homicide was not going to be there due to an injury and that he had bought the contract for the APW Title Match from Homicide. Eastman stated he was giving the Title match to the "King Pin" Brian Milonas and that he set up a warm up match for his Bulldozer.

Brian Milonas defeated Timothy Plazma & The Creeper

After the match, Eastman joined Milonas in putting the boots to Creeper & Plazma until APW Champion Delirious made the save and chased off Milonas and Eastman. Delirious helped Creeper and Plazma to the back.

The Bravado Brothers defeated The American Gangsters of "Well Connected" Marker Dillinger & Alexander Bird

Matt Turner defeated "Every Ladies Dream" Marc Krieger

Professor Milo Shizo defeated "Big Bad" Bobby Dempsey w/Agent Sly Stetson

Andy "Right Leg" Ridge defeated Rob Vegas, Kriptic Keegan w/Mirage, & Sebastian Reese w/Joey Eastman

"Big In Japan" Bobby Fish w/3 Ninjas defeated "The Cuban Crippler" Ricky Reyes

Daizee Haze defeated Jamilia Craft in a great women's match.

NWA North American Champion The Sheik w/Joey Eastman defeated El Generico when Eastman distracted the referee allowing The Sheik to hit Generico with the title belt for the win.

APW Champion Delirious defeated "King Pin" Brian Milonas w/Joey Eastman when Eastman tried the same trick by distracting the ref he tried in the match prior but it backfired as El Generico came out for revenge and booted Milonas in the corner allowing Delirious to hit the Panic Attack and Shadows Over Hell for the pin.

After the match, Eastman tried to escape with the APW Title only to run into El Generico who chased Eastman back into the ring. After Eastman groveled at Generico's feet, he turned around only to be knocked out by Delirious. As everyone came out to gloat and poke fun of Joey Eastman, they raised Delirious on there shoulders in victory. Delirious thanked everyone for coming out for Shocktober to end the night.

Crowning Moment Results
May 16, 2009
Keefe Gymnasium at the Rutland Middle School in Rutland, VT

Kyle Durden d. Maximo Suave
The Creeper & Timothy Plazma d. Ninja Brown & Orange
Dixie d. Gabe Saint

Main Show
First Round Tournament Matches
Delirious defeated Kyle Durden to advance
Azrieal defeated Claudio Castagnoli to advance
Bobby Fish defeated Andy "Right Leg" Ridge to advance
El Generico defeated Rob Vegas to advance

Daizee Haze defeated Sara Del Ray & Roxxi

Marc Krieger defeated Kriptic Keegan

Colin Delaney & Claudio Castagnoli defeated HC Loc & Kage

Delirious defeated Bobby Fish, El Generico, & Azrieal
To Become The First APW Champion

Solving the Puzzle Results
May 24, 2008
College of St Joseph Athletic Center in Rutland, VT

Handsome Johnny defeated Lenn Oddity in the opening contest.

Marc Krieger defeated Bathory.

The Killer Steves defeated Timothy Plazma and The Creeper.

After this match, HC Loc and Judas Young came out and beat down the losing team. They got on the mic and said that there is no team in APW that could beat them and called out anyone who thought they could. Dunn & Marcos answered the challenge and ran Loc and Judas out of the ring. Dunn & Marcos then said they would take them on in a match later and proclaimed that they were the top tag team in APW.

The much hyped Kyle Durden made his way out for his match. He said he was very disappointed with Rutland as he felt its nickname, "RutVegas", led him to believe the town would be more exciting than what he had seen. His opponent, Matt Turner, then made his way to ringside. Durden explained to Turner that he wanted to get out of Rutland as soon as he could and would let Turner get a count out victory then left the ring and headed to the back. Not a second after, he changed his mind and made his way to the ring for his match with Matt Turner.

Kyle Durden defeated Matt Turner.

It was announced that Daizee Haze's original opponent, Nikki Roxx, was unable to make it,
however a suitable replacement had been found.

TNA Knockout Roxxi defeated Daizee Haze in
APW's First Ever Women's Match.

Jigsaw defeated Bobby Fish, El Generico, and Rob Vegas
in a four way dance.

Dunn & Marcos defeated HC Loc & Judas Young.

Delirious defeated "The Good Guy" Azrieal in their first ever encounter.

TNA World Champion Samoa Joe defeated Jay Lethal
in the Main Event of the Evening.

Summer Meltdown '07 Results
June 2nd, 2007
National Guard Armory in Rutland, VT

Steve "The Turtle" Weiner defeated The Houndogg

Main Show
Handsome Johnny defeated Derek Duncam

Kid Mikaze defeated Rob Vegas

Lenn Oddity defeated Vince Beach

Brodie Lee defeated Marc Krieger.

Dunn & Marcos defeated both Rhythm & Booze and The Olsen Twins in a three team tag team scramble match

Irish John Justice defeated Gil Quest

Cheech defeated Bobby Fish, Pinkie Sanchez, Cloudy, Matt Turner, and Deranged in the first ever Open Invitational Six Way Mayhem Match

Delirious defeated "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney. However, because of a rule in the ICW/ICWA Tek Arkana Rule Book, Larry Sweeney is still the ICW/ICWA Tex Arkana Television Champion

In the main event of the evening, TNA Star "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal defeated "The Good Guy" Azrieal

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